Finge is a wearable device that covers the fingertip to allow you to use touchscreens, self-checkouts, tills, cash machines, payment keypads etc. whilst avoiding direct contact with surfaces.

Silicone Finger Protectors

Acts as a barrier against direct contact when using touchscreens and keypads in public.
The product can be conveniently located on the user’s keychain, bag or belt loop.
A conductive wearable device that allows you to interact easily with touchscreens, and keypads, lift buttons etc. whilst you are away from home.

The Finge was already in development prior to COVID. The onset of Covid brought the need to avoid touching things that had been touched by others into sharp focus.

Currently this is achieved by wearing gloves but these to do not work very well on touchscreens; or using hand sanitisers after making direct contact with the contaminated surface.

The Finge provides a barrier for the wearer at the time of use but continues to provide a barrier when not in use  as it is housed in a pot attached to a retractable lanyard.

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When you want to use the Finge, reach for the container and pull it towards yourself.

The container is attached to a retractable lanyard which has maximum extension length of 600mm.

To remove the Finge, open the container, then place your index finger inside to grip onto the Finge.

Reverse the process when you want to put the Finge back inside the container.

The Finge and pot can both be washed.

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Examples of the different social environments that Finge can be used in, from supermarket shopping to airport check-in plus many more.