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Covid-19 still looks to be a danger to society, after recent figures showed hospital admissions from the virus have risen by 17 per cent in just a week. 

According to government statistics, there were 4,015 people admitted to hospital in the week leading to September 19th, with this figure being 16.9 per cent higher than the week before. This equates to an increase of 581 admissions. 

The data showed there were 5,142 people in hospital with Covid-19 as of September 21st, including 145 who were in ventilation beds. 

Of those who have needed hospital treatment for the virus, the majority were aged between 65 and 84, followed by 18 to 64-year-olds.  

In the week leading to September 17th, there was also an increase of positive cases of 12.7 per cent, with numbers rising by 3,176 from the week before. 

So far, there have been more than 22 million cases of Covid-19 in the UK, with 1.19 million people having been infected more than once. 

In order to reduce the chance of reinfection, more people need to come forward for their second dose of vaccination or booster. While 93.6 per cent of the population have had their first jab, just 88.2 per cent have had their second and 69.4 per cent have been given their third. 

The NHS is now campaigning for people over the age of 65, carers, those with a weakened immune system and pregnant women to book their autumn Covid-19 booster to protect themselves against the virus. 

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