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Touchscreen smartphones are the most popular type of phone around these days, there’s no question about it. But with all that tapping and swiping, our hands are in almost constant contact with the screen.

This can lead to smear marks and sticky fingerprints but most importantly it can lead to a build-up of germs and bacteria on your phone screens. Even if you wash and sanitise your hands regularly, there’s going to be a whole host of nasties living on your screen.

Did you know that your phone screen can be up to ten times dirtier than your toilet seat? This happens as we are constantly touching different items and then using our phones and spreading the bacteria around… even when we can’t see the dirt, it’s still there! 

And it’s not just our hands that come into contact with these germs, it’s our faces as well. Every time you put your phone to your ear to call someone, you’re transferring all those germs onto your skin. 

One way to try and keep your screens as clean as possible is to avoid touching them with your fingers. While this may seem impossible, there are a lot of useful devices you can use to help.

Styluses are a great choice as they allow you to use the screen without touching it at all, however, they can be a bit fiddly to use and aren’t always the most accurate. They are also not the best option for on-the-go as it may be difficult to coordinate using a stylus while walking or moving around. 

Another amazing alternative to this is silicone finger protectors. These sit right over your fingertips allowing you to use your phone as normal while protecting your screen from coming into contact with your skin. 

These are great for on the go and you can also use them on multiple fingers so you can use your phone just as easily as normal.