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With the pandemic having shone a light on the importance of robust cleaning regimes, both commercially and domestically, no doubt health and hygiene standards have improved across the board… but it’s important to remember that no matter how often or how stringently we clean and disinfect surfaces, it is impossible to prevent recontamination.

It’s inevitable that dirt, dust and bacteria-laden organic matter will return time and time again, as a result of coughing, sneezing, bodily contact, fingerprints and so on… all of which can deposit the likes of bacteria, viruses and pathogenic fungi and this can be spread through the act of touch.

Germs are spread quickly and easily between surfaces and also very easily to people through hand to hand, hand to surface and hand to bodily contact – so taking precautions and doing all you can to ensure you can maintain your hygiene standards, no matter where you are or what you’re doing, could prove beneficial.

Coming into contact with bacteria and pathogens is, unfortunately, inevitable – but there are steps you can take that can help minimise this contact and give your overall hygiene and sanitation standards a boost, protecting you from contamination and allowing you to avoid direct contact with surfaces.

Silicone finger guards, for example, are one very effective way of reducing the amount of surface contact you encounter on a daily basis.

These are wearable devices that cover your fingertip, so that you’re able to use touchscreens, self-checkouts in shops, tills, cash machines, payment keypads and so on without coming into direct contact with any of them.

They’re easily portable, as well, coming with a fixture that allows them to be conveniently positioned on the user’s keychain, bag or belt loop.

Finge is housed in a container attached to a retractable lanyard, so all you have to do to use it when you want is reach for the product and then pull it towards yourself.

Open the container, position the guard on your index finger and you’re ready to go, without the worry of contamination. Both Finge and the container can easily be washed, so you can keep them free from contamination, as well.

As a product, Finge was already in development before the pandemic, but the healthcare crisis served to emphasise how important it is to avoid touching surfaces wherever possible.

There are glove products out there that perform a similar function, but they don’t work particularly well on touchscreens and hand sanitisers still require direct contact with contaminated surfaces.

As such, Finge is a great alternative that could make it easier and more efficient to be as hygienic as possible, regardless of where you are or what activity you’re doing.