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Introducing Finge: Your Hygienic Travel Companion

Stay Protected and Worry-Free Throughout Your Journey

Stay protected and worry-free throughout your journey with Finge, the ultimate travel accessory. Designed as a wearable conductive hygiene device, Finge acts as a protective barrier against germs and bacteria, allowing you to navigate touchscreens, security keypads, and lifts with confidence and without direct contact. Experience worry-free travel with Finge by your side.


Effortless Airport Experience with Finge

Streamline Your Airport Process with Hygienic Ease

When it comes to navigating airports, Finge simplifies the process while maintaining a high level of hygiene. Picture yourself at the airport, ready to embark on your journey. With Finge, you can breeze through self-check-in kiosks and touchscreens, making the process quick and hygienic. No more concerns about coming into direct contact with potentially harmful bacteria left behind by countless other travellers. Travel with ease and confidence, knowing that Finge has your back.


Hygienic Accommodation Access with Finge

Seamless Check-Ins and Secure Entry with Finge

As you reach your destination, Finge continues to be your trusted travel companion. From hotel check-ins to apartment access systems, Finge ensures you can safely operate security keypads without touching them directly. Rest assured that you’re avoiding potential germ hotspots while maintaining personal hygiene. Enjoy a seamless and secure experience when entering your accommodation with Finge by your side.


Explore with Confidence: Finge and Your New Surroundings

Discover and Interact Safely with Finge as Your Shield

And when it’s time to explore your new surroundings, Finge has got you covered. Whether you’re using touchscreens for maps, interactive displays at tourist attractions, or even lift buttons in busy buildings, Finge acts as your protective barrier against the countless germs that may be lurking there. Feel confident and secure as you navigate public spaces and engage with various touch-sensitive surfaces, knowing that Finge is safeguarding your well-being.



Finge is designed to be compact and conveniently attached to your keychain, bag, or belt loop, ensuring it is always within reach when you need it most. Compact and Convenient:  Always Within Reach

The Perfect Travel Companion – Portable and Handy

Finge is designed to be compact and conveniently attached to your keychain, bag, or belt loop, ensuring it’s always within reach during your travels. The retractable lanyard keeps it secure and easily accessible when needed, allowing you to navigate touchscreens and keypads effortlessly. With Finge by your side, you can effortlessly go about your travels while prioritising hygiene and convenience.



Washable and Durable: Finge – Your Reliable Travel Companion

Long-Lasting Protection for Your Travel Adventures

Finge is washable, reusable, and built to last, making it a reliable and durable travel companion. Its conductive properties ensure seamless functionality on a wide range of touchscreens, providing accurate input every time. No matter how adventurous your journeys may be, Finge will be there, providing you with the protection you need for a hygienic and hassle-free experience.


Stay Protected and Worry-Free Throughout Your JourneyTravel with Confidence: Choose Finge as Your Hygiene Priority

Elevate Your Travel Hygiene Standards with Finge

Make Finge an essential part of your travel routine and experience peace of mind on your journeys. From self-check-in at the airport to accessing your accommodation and beyond, Finge is the must-have accessory that prioritises your hygiene and health, allowing you to travel with confidence. Choose Finge and embark on your adventures, knowing that you have a trusted companion





Conclusion: Finge – Your Ticket to Safe and Hassle-Free Travel

Choose Finge as your ultimate travel accessory and embark on your adventures with peace of mind. Let Finge be your hygienic travel companion, from self-check-in at the airport to arriving at your accommodation and beyond. With Finge, you can confidently navigate touchscreens, security keypads, and lifts, while safeguarding your health. Travel smart, travel safe, and explore the world with Finge by your side. Stay Protected and Worry-Free Throughout Your Journey with Finge