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After Covid-19 spread around the world, everyone became far more conscious about how easily germs can spread, especially once the public were advised to cover their mouths and disinfect their hands as often as possible. 

Even now the risk of being seriously ill with Covid-19 is significantly lower, many people remain much more aware about bacteria on public surfaces. 

For instance, back in 2017, it was revealed that EColi, most commonly in faeces, was found on tube seats in London. At the same time, Enterobacteriaceae, including Salmonella and Staphylococcus aureus, were discovered in this form of public transport too. 

Door handles, menus, shopping trolleys, salt and pepper shakers in restaurants, public restrooms and fuel pumps also harbour lots of bacteria, as they are touched by hundreds of people every day, according to The Weather Channel

When it comes to travelling, flight attendants revealed tray tables on the back of aeroplane seats are likely to be unhygienic. 

Speaking to The Express, one said some passengers change their baby’s dirty nappies on them, even though it is where people put their trays of food. 

It was also advised to always wear shoes on planes, as the floor can be extremely mucky. Some people do not wear their shoes when they go to the toilet, which means they spread lots of germs throughout the aircraft.

Knowing all this, it is advisable people stay safe from bacteria that is lingering on public surfaces, such as by wearing silicone finger protectors, which reduces exposure to germs.