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Or phones are probably one of the most used items we own. They can do almost anything now, not only can you make phone calls and send text messages, but you can also scroll through your social media accounts, check your emails and watch endless videos.

This all means that our phones are constantly in use, recent studies have shown that the average person checks their phone over 50 times a day and spends upwards of three hours using the device.

With all this use, it’s no shock that phone screens get a little grubby. Most people will ‘clean’ their phone screen multiple times a day, however this is usually just wiping off the fingerprints on their trousers and continuing on, but how often do you properly clean your screen?

It is recommended that you clean your screen at least once a day, if not more. Our hands come into contact with many objects over the course of the day and this can cause a lot of bacteria and dirt to build up, which is then transferred over to our phone screens as we tap away.

Most people won’t actually properly disinfect their phone once a day and will only give it a wipe down once in a while which leads to the buildup and accumulation of days and days of bacteria and dirt on your phone which is then transferred back to your hands every time you pick it up.

There are many ways you can keep your screen clean besides just cleaning it. Using touch screen devices such as styluses and silicone finger guards is great for those who don’t want to touch their screen directly and transfer germs between their device and their hands.

Not only do these help to keep bacteria at bay, but they can also help reduce the amount of fingerprint marks and oils from your hands building on your screen which can lead to your phone looking streaky, unclean and even make the screen difficult to see.