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The severity of the Covid-19 virus has weakened since it first exploded, but a recent study has found a huge proportion of those who have had the illness suffer from long-term lung problems.

Researchers recently published a study looking at how the pulmonary function in those with long-Covid had been affected. 

They found 25 per cent of patients continued to experience reduced lung function and Covid-19 symptoms for up to a year after having the virus.

Those who had severe infections accounted for almost half (48 per cent) of these cases, showing they were more likely to suffer from poor breathing months later. 

In comparison, those with mild symptoms of Covid-19 made up 11 per cent of long-Covid cases, and patients with moderate infections comprised 22 per cent. 

It has been three years since Covid-19 began to spread around the world, affecting nearly 700 million people across the globe and killing 6.8 million. 

The UK alone has had nearly 25 million recorded cases, though this number is likely to be much higher due to the phasing out of free Covid-19 tests meaning fewer people are testing for the virus these days. 

However, it has been cited in the death certificates of 206,246 people in Britain, despite the extensive rollout of vaccinations over the last couple of years. 

These findings show that Covid-19 is still dangerous and could have a long-lasting impact on your lung health. So, it is best to protect yourself against the virus in any way possible, including wearing silicone finger protectors to avoid the spread of the infection through touch.